we work with desire to make you, your business or your passion, a virtual realization!

Our Story

XCENTIA is complete service web design and development company which offers all the solutions under one roof. the journey started decade ago with dreams and aims to lead the industry, We grew up to success stories all over world!

We, four people, inspired to make difference, came to make this dream true, named, XCENTIA.

founded in September 2015, our Company creates Web Interfaces, Brands, IOS, Android application designs and custom Web, Content management, e-commerce development. it claims to be the one of its kinds which treats both companies and individual with similar sincere concern. But very few know about the past behind this effort, known as XECNTIA.

What we specialize in is all that one might need to cater online world and Each of us experienced strategists, creatives, technologists and marketers - devoted to creating the most meaningful and effective digital solutions for startups and brands.


end to end solutions

Our Uniqueness is in offering you all possible things under the same roof. Name it and we have it! All you need to have is a desire, to make you, your business or your passion, a virtual realization!

Fast growing, highly skilled, thoroughly professional, etc are few attributes anybody would like to sport to introduce the mselves. We don’t claim to be different from them actually. But here’s what separates us from that lot. And that’s our work! Speaks enough loud to make you believe.

Our management team

A team of diversified strategist, designers, developers and marketers who opt to make difference in each of their assignments, would be just fine to describe the Team XCENTIA.

Sandeep Pandit
Co-founder, Director
Strategy/Business Development
Sham Patgaonkar
Co-founder, Director
Ravi Gulhane
Co-founder, Director


you are passionate, brave, creative, curious and

ready to start new journey?

We are looking for team members who are relentless, brave, and curious;
individuals who hold integrity highly and value collaboration; and most importantly, awesome people who are
excited to be a part of a hard-working and fun-loving work family.

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